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Reflecting Back On This Pass Semester - 1198 Words

Reflecting back on this pass semester, I can see how I have come a long way. In the beginning of this semester I was not confident about my writing skills. I always I struggled to find the correct grammar and punctuation that would express my ideas so that they can flow on paper. Upon arriving to this class which is instructed by Dr. Shirokova, I am now recognizing that my writing skills could enhance to a new level. Even though my grades on my essays are not the best in the class, I can see an improvement of growth at a rapid pace. I truly feel the devolvement of writing skills within myself, even in the fifteen minute writing journals opens creative in my mind. Allowing me to focus on different topics has pushed me to write in detail†¦show more content†¦We went from being strangers to green brothers. A group of zombies like creatures to now earn the title and proudly call ourselves Marines!† In this sample from my literary essay â€Å"Hero† my purpose was to present a scenery of how exhausting the training had become. These are now traits that I have instilled in my life and live by to make me a better person and man that I am today. As I proof read the essay it made sit down for the first time a talk about myself. This essay opened my eyes to the different phrases in my life that has developed a level of maturity that was not visible until I saw it paper. Telling my story in my own words and describe all the trails and errors as Marine was something I hold more dearly to myself. Now I clearly can describe in details I felt as a service man of Armed Force for my country. My next essay was an analysis essay that challenged the fact that I had to read the text while trying to find the writers tone and thought pattern. By researching the authors thoughts and writing skills has made me found a common writing background with this writer. This writer had a different writing skill where he expressed himself in words and feeling. In a very sarc astic but defensive way he openly addressed the recent murders. Mr. Pitts to address the real issue behind his anger in his article which could have been fueled by the fact that the office employees were also fellow writers, journalists and authors that

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The Iroquois Confederacy - 1198 Words

1). The reason for the construction of the Iroquois confederacy, or the league of the Iroquois, (Haudenosaunee) was the impeding factor of disunity between the tribes. Hienwatha, a Mohawk Iroquois, lived in Ontario and observed the disunity between the Iroquois tribes. In an attempt to unify the nations, he approached rival tribes and argued the benefits of unification. Initially, his idea is shut down by the elders of each tribe. The changing climate that started to occur, however, increased confrontations between tribes. Hienwatha yet again tries to explain to the Iroquois people about the possibility of peace and is rejected again. He then alludes the nations to a weaved belt of wampum shells which supposedly illustrated the connectedness of the five Iroquois nations. He traveled among the nations, of which all then supported the idea of unity, and was able to form a seemingly impenetrable force. 2) Bacon’s Rebellion, King Phillip’s War, and the Pequot War all derided from the yearning of land, and land agreements with both local landowners and Natives. Bacon’s Rebellion essentially was due to the inadequate amount of land now-freed indentured servants could attain. A few large families or companies owned all of the land leaving none for future businessmen in hopes of making a profit off of agricultural endeavors. The impact of Bacon’s rebellion was the end to Indentured Servitude within the colonies and, more importantly, the introduction of Slavery within Virginia.Show MoreRelatedThe Iroquois Confederacy1731 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Peacemaker and Hayonhwatha thought that there had to be a better way. They came up with the plan of peace. The Iroquois Confederacy was that the five nations’ sitting in council would come together and agree on things that affected everyone. Small affairs would be handled within the tribe. If someone attacked one tribe, then they would be attacking everyone. The reason the confederacy worked so well is that everyone supported another and how the issues was handled. Small thing that did not matterRead MoreIroquois Confederacy9092 Words   |  37 PagesIROQUOIS CONFEDERACY by Loretta Hall OVERVIEW The Iroquois Confederacy, an association of six linguistically related tribes in the northeastern woodlands, was a sophisticated society of some 5,500 people when the first white explorers encountered it at the beginning of the seventeenth century. The 1990 Census counted 49,038 Iroquois living in the United States, making them the countrys eighth most populous Native American group. Although Iroquoian tribes own seven reservations in New YorkRead MoreThe Iroquois Confederacy to Six Nations1570 Words   |  7 PagesUniversity The Iroquois Confederacy to Six Nations Thesis: Examine how the Seneca, Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, and Cayuga, and the 1722 addition of the Tuscarora, resulted in the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations and their influence on the creation of the Constitution. Nicole Cushingberry Cultural Anthropology Michael Striker December 16, 2011 Nicole Cushingberry Instructor: Michael Striker Anthropology 100 The Iroquois: Confederacy to Six Nations The Iroquois Confederacy, also knownRead MoreHow The Iroquois Confederacy Helped Shape The New Law Of The Land Back1089 Words   |  5 Pagescame across the topic of how the Iroquois Confederacy helped shape the new law of the land back in the 1700s when the constitution was written in Independence Hall in Philadelphia ( What is the Iroquois Confederacy? The Iroquois confederacy or the League of Iroquois are a band of several Native American tribes that are originally from the area that is now New York ( The Seneca, Onondaga, Cayuga, Oneida, and Mohawk make up the original Iroquois but around early 1700s the Tuscarora’sRead MoreThe United States And The Native Americans Essay1594 Words   |  7 Pagesthe strong standing nation that it is today. Meanwhile the original inhabitants, the Native Americans, often received the aggression and oppression of this growing nation, but they weren’t the savages the U.S. claimed them to be. In fact, the Iroquois Confederacy was the main influence of the U.S Constitution. This paper will discuss the differences as well as the similarities, which are thought to be controversial, between these two historical documents. The difference between the two groups has beenRead MoreEssay about The Iroquois 964 Words   |  4 PagesThe Iroquois Native Americans were the first people to live in America before any other man came. It is believed that the Native Americans came from Asia way back during the Ice Age through a land bridge of the Bering Strait. When the Europeans first set foot on America, there were about 10 million Native AmericansRead MoreThe American Of The United States Constitution Essay952 Words   |  4 PagesThe United States Constitution was heavily influenced by the Iroquois Confederacy’s political theory, though Eurocentric history lessons often teach about the French and Greek influence. In 1988, the House Concurrent Resolution 331 passed which recognized the Iroquois Confederacy’s contribution to the U.S. Constitution. Even after H.Con.Res 331 was passed, the Iroquois Confederacy’s influence continues to be disregarded, most people have to wait until specific classes in higher education to learnRead MoreMyth Analysis : The Iroquois Creation Myth1288 Words   |  6 PagesMyth Ana lysis In the Iroquois creation myth, Sky Woman understood that she was pregnant with twins and was pushed by her husband into the Earth’s waters below the above world. Little Toad was able to bring up mud to spread on Big Turtle’s back, and it grew to become the size of North America where Sky Woman created the Iroquois world. Her children, Sapling and Flint, were important in creating the details of the land such as rivers, fish, plants, and even the seasons. The Sky People, Demi-godsRead MoreThe Differences Between Native Americans And Europeans1323 Words   |  6 Pageslived in tents. There was no such thing as rich or poor between tribes, which eliminated competition to move up the social ladder. Some tribes were very small, and to avoid being outrun by larger tribes, the Natives formed a system called the Iroquois Confederacy. Europeans were used to a system in which people worked for nobles in exchange for protection and land; this system is called feudalism. Europe an’s arrival in America led to the rise of nationalism; which is having superiority over other nationsRead MoreThe Many Variations and Common Themes of Constitutions1499 Words   |  6 PagesFrance, Iraq, Vietnam, and other nations. Even ancient civilizations established one, such as Greece, Rome, Babylon, the Iroquois Confederacy, and others. Constitutions imply different themes, such as rights and justice, but imply one major theme. The constitutions of France, Iraq, the United States of America, Vietnam, ancient Greece and Rome, Babylon, and the Iroquois Confederacy all imply achieving righteousness through eliminating malevolence, just government, recovery from struggles, and justice

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The Lost Symbol Chapter 98-101 Free Essays

string(129) " CHAPTER 99 CIA field agent Turner Simkins crouched in the darkness of Franklin Park and kept his steady gaze on Warren Bellamy\." CHAPTER 98 Robert Langdon regained consciousness with a crippling headache. Where am I? Wherever he was, it was dark. Deep-cave dark, and deathly silent. We will write a custom essay sample on The Lost Symbol Chapter 98-101 or any similar topic only for you Order Now He was lying on his back with his arms at his side. Confused, he tried moving his fingers and toes, relieved to find they moved freely with no pain. What happened? With the exception of his headache and the profound darkness, everything seemed more or less normal. Almost everything. Langdon realized he was lying on a hard floor that felt unusually smooth, like a sheet of glass. Stranger still, he could feel that the slick surface was in direct contact with his bare flesh . . . shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs, calves. Am I naked? Puzzled, he ran his hands over his body. Jesus! Where the hell are my clothes? In the darkness, the cobwebs began to lift, and Langdon saw flashes of memory . . . frightening snapshots . . . a dead CIA agent . . . the face of a tattooed beast . . . Langdon’s head smashing into the floor. The images came faster . . . and now he recalled the sickening image of Katherine Solomon bound and gagged on the dining-room floor. My God! Langdon sat bolt upright, and as he did, his forehead smashed into something suspended only inches above him. Pain exploded through his skull and he fell back, teetering near unconsciousness. Groggy, he reached up with his hands, groping in the darkness to find the obstacle. What he found made no sense to him. It seemed this room’s ceiling was less than a foot above him. What in the world? As he spread his arms to his sides in an attempt to roll over, both of his hands hit sidewalls. The truth now dawned on him. Robert Langdon was not in a room at all. I’m in a box! In the darkness of his small, coffinlike container, Langdon began pounding wildly with his fist. He shouted over and over for help. The terror that gripped him deepened with each passing instant until it was intolerable. I have been buried alive. The lid of Langdon’s strange coffin refused to budge, even with the full force of his arms and legs pushing upward in wild panic. The box, from all he could tell, was made of heavy fiberglass. Airtight. Soundproof. Lightproof. Escape-proof. I am going to suffocate alone in this box. He thought of the deep well into which he had fallen as a young boy, and of the terrifying night he spent treading water alone in the darkness of a bottomless pit. That trauma had scarred Langdon’s psyche, burdening him with an overwhelming phobia of enclosed spaces. Tonight, buried alive, Robert Langdon was living his ultimate nightmare. Katherine Solomon trembled in silence on the floor of Mal’akh’s dining room. The sharp wire around her wrists and ankles had already cut into her, and the slightest movements seemed only to tighten her bonds. The tattooed man had brutally knocked Langdon unconscious and dragged his limp body across the floor along with his leather bag and the stone pyramid. Where they had gone, Katherine had no idea. The agent who had accompanied them was dead. She had not heard a sound in many minutes, and she wondered if the tattooed man and Langdon were still inside the house. She had been trying to scream for help, but with each attempt, the rag in her mouth crept back dangerously closer to her windpipe. Now she felt approaching footsteps on the floor, and she turned her head, hoping against hope that someone was coming to help. The massive silhouette of her captor materialized in the hallway. Katherine recoiled as she flashed on the image of him standing in her family home ten years earlier. He killed my family. Now he strode toward her. Langdon was nowhere to be seen. The man crouched down and gripped her around the waist, hoisting her roughly onto his shoulder. The wire sliced into her wrists, and the rag muffled her muted cries of pain. He carried her down the hallway toward the living room, where, earlier today, the two of them had calmly sipped tea together. Where is he taking me?! He carried Katherine across the living room and stopped directly in front of the large oil painting of the Three Graces that she had admired this afternoon. â€Å"You mentioned you liked this painting,† the man whispered, his lips practically touching her ear. â€Å"I’m glad. It may be the last thing of beauty you see.† With that, he reached out and pressed his palm into the right side of the enormous frame. To Katherine’s shock, the painting rotated into the wall, turning on a central pivot like a revolving door. A hidden doorway. Katherine tried to wriggle free, but the man held her firmly, carrying her through the opening behind the canvas. As the Three Graces pivoted shut behind them, she could see heavy insulation on the back of the canvas. Whatever sounds were made back here were apparently not meant to be heard by the outside world. The space behind the painting was cramped, more like a hallway than a room. The man carried her to the far side and opened a heavy door, carrying her through it onto a small landing. Katherine found herself looking down a narrow ramp into a deep basement. She drew a breath to scream, but the rag was choking her. The incline was steep and narrow. The walls on either side were made of cement, awash in a bluish light that seemed to emanate from below. The air that wafted up was warm and pungent, laden with an eerie blend of smells . . . the sharp bite of chemicals, the smooth calm of incense, the earthy musk of human sweat, and, pervading it all, a distinct aura of visceral, animal fear. â€Å"Your science impressed me,† the man whispered as they reached the bottom of the ramp. â€Å"I hope mine impresses you.† CHAPTER 99 CIA field agent Turner Simkins crouched in the darkness of Franklin Park and kept his steady gaze on Warren Bellamy. Nobody had taken the bait yet, but it was still early. Simkins’s transceiver beeped, and he activated it, hoping one of his men had spotted something. But it was Sato. She had new information. Simkins listened and agreed with her concern. â€Å"Hold on,† he said. â€Å"I’ll see if I can get a visual.† He crawled through the bushes in which he was hiding and peered back in the direction from which he had entered the square. After some maneuvering, he finally opened a sight line. Holy shit. He was staring at a building that looked like an Old World mosque. Nestled between two much larger buildings, the Moorish facade was made of gleaming terra-cotta tile laid in intricate multicolored designs. Above the three massive doors, two tiers of lancet windows looked as if Arabian archers might appear and open fire if anyone approached uninvited. â€Å"I see it,† Simkins said. â€Å"Any activity?† â€Å"Nothing.† â€Å"Good. I need you to reposition and watch it very carefully. It’s called the Almas Shrine Temple, and it’s the headquarters of a mystical order.† Simkins had worked in the D.C. area for a long time but was not familiar with this temple or any ancient mystical order headquartered on Franklin Square. â€Å"This building,† Sato said, â€Å"belongs to a group called the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.† â€Å"Never heard of them.† â€Å"I think you have,† Sato said. â€Å"They’re an appendant body of the Masons, more commonly known as the Shriners.† Simkins shot a dubious glance at the ornate building. The Shriners? The guys who build hospitals for kids? He could imagine no â€Å"order† less ominous sounding than a fraternity of philanthropists who wore little red fezzes and marched in parades. Even so, Sato’s concerns were valid. â€Å"Ma’am, if our target realizes that this building is in fact `The Order’ on Franklin Square, he won’t need the address. He’ll simply bypass the rendezvous and go directly to the correct location.† â€Å"My thoughts exactly. Keep an eye on the entrance.† â€Å"Yes, ma’am.† â€Å"Any word from Agent Hartmann in Kalorama Heights?† â€Å"No, ma’am. You asked him to phone you directly.† â€Å"Well, he hasn’t.† Odd, Simkins thought, checking his watch. He’s overdue. CHAPTER 100 Robert Langdon lay shivering, naked and alone in total blackness. Paralyzed by fear, he was no longer pounding or shouting. Instead, he had closed his eyes and was doing his best to control his hammering heart and his panicked breathing. You are lying beneath a vast, nighttime sky, he tried to convince himself. There is nothing above you but miles of wide-open space. This calming visualization had been the only way he had managed to survive a recent stint in an enclosed MRI machine . . . that and a triple dose of Valium. Tonight, however, the visualization was having no effect whatsoever. The rag in Katherine Solomon’s mouth had shifted backward and was all but choking her. Her captor had carried her down a narrow ramp and into a dark basement corridor. At the far end of the hall, she had glimpsed a room lit with an eerie reddish-purple light, but they’d never made it that far. The man had stopped instead at a small side room, carried her inside, and placed her on a wooden chair. He had set her down with her bound wrists behind the chair back so she could not move. Now Katherine could feel the wire on her wrists slicing deeper into her flesh. The pain barely registered next to the rising panic she was feeling over being unable to breathe. The cloth in her mouth was slipping deeper into her throat, and she felt herself gagging reflexively. Her vision started to tunnel. Behind her, the tattooed man closed the room’s lone door and flipped on the light. Katherine’s eyes were watering profusely now, and she could no longer differentiate objects in her immediate surroundings. Everything had become a blur. A distorted vision of colorful flesh appeared before her, and Katherine felt her eyes starting to flutter as she teetered on the brink of unconsciousness. A scale-covered arm reached out and yanked the rag from her mouth. Katherine gasped, inhaling deep breaths, coughing and choking as her lungs flooded with precious air. Slowly, her vision began to clear, and she found herself looking into the demon’s face. The visage was barely human. Blanketing his neck, face, and shaved head was an astounding pattern of bizarre tattooed symbols. With the exception of a small circle on top of his head, every inch of his body appeared to be decorated. A massive double-headed phoenix on his chest glared at her through nipple eyes like some kind of ravenous vulture, patiently waiting for her death. â€Å"Open your mouth,† the man whispered. Katherine stared at the monster with total revulsion. What? â€Å"Open your mouth,† the man repeated. â€Å"Or the cloth goes back in.† Trembling, Katherine opened her mouth. The man extended his thick, tattooed index finger, inserting it between her lips. When he touched her tongue, Katherine thought she would vomit. He extracted his wet finger and raised it to the top of his shaved head. Closing his eyes, he massaged her saliva into his small circular patch of untattooed flesh. Repulsed, Katherine looked away. The room in which she was sitting appeared to be a boiler room of some sort–pipes on the walls, gurgling sounds, fluorescent lights. Before she could take in her surroundings, though, her gaze stopped dead on something beside her on the floor. A pile of clothing–turtleneck, tweed sport coat, loafers, Mickey Mouse watch. â€Å"My God!† She wheeled back to the tattooed animal before her. â€Å"What have you done with Robert?!† â€Å"Shh,† the man whispered. â€Å"Or he’ll hear you.† He stepped to one side and motioned behind him. Langdon was not there. All Katherine saw was a huge black fiberglass box. Its shape bore an unsettling resemblance to the heavy crates in which corpses were shipped back from war. Two massive clasps firmly locked the box shut. â€Å"He’s inside?!† Katherine blurted. â€Å"But . . . he’ll suffocate!† â€Å"No, he won’t,† the man said, pointing to a series of transparent pipes that ran along the wall into the bottom of the crate. â€Å"He’ll only wish he could.† In total darkness, Langdon listened intently to the muffled vibrations he now heard from the outside world. Voices? He began pounding on the box and shouting at the top of his lungs. â€Å"Help! Can anyone hear me?!† Far off, a muted voice called out. â€Å"Robert! My God, no! NO!† He knew the voice. It was Katherine, and she sounded terrified. Even so, it was a welcome sound. Langdon drew a breath to call out to her, but he stopped short, feeling an unexpected sensation at the back of his neck. A faint breeze seemed to be emanating from the bottom of the box. How is that possible? He lay very still, taking stock. Yes, definitely. He could feel the tiny hairs on the back of his neck being tickled by air movement. Instinctively, Langdon began feeling along the floor of the box, searching for the source of the air. It took only a moment to locate. There’s a tiny vent! The small perforated opening felt similar to a drain plate on a sink or tub, except that a soft, steady breeze was now coming up through it. He’s pumping air in for me. He doesn’t want me to suffocate. Langdon’s relief was short-lived. A terrifying sound was now emanating up through the holes in the vent. It was the unmistakable gurgle of flowing liquid . . . coming his way. Katherine stared in disbelief at the clear shaft of liquid that was progressing down one of the pipes toward Langdon’s crate. The scene looked like some kind of twisted stage magician’s act. He’s pumping water into the crate?! Katherine strained at her bonds, ignoring the deep bite of the wires around her wrists. All she could do was look on in panic. She could hear Langdon pounding in desperation, but as the water reached the underside of the container, the pounding stopped. There was a moment of terrified silence. Then the pounding started again with renewed desperation. â€Å"Let him out!† Katherine begged. â€Å"Please! You can’t do this!† â€Å"Drowning is a terrible death, you know.† The man spoke calmly as he paced around her in circles. â€Å"Your assistant, Trish, could tell you that.† Katherine heard his words, but she could barely process them. â€Å"You may remember that I almost drowned once,† the man whispered. â€Å"It was on your family’s estate in Potomac. Your brother shot me, and I fell through the ice, out at Zach’s bridge.† Katherine glared at him, filled with loathing. The night you killed my mother. â€Å"The gods protected me that night,† he said. â€Å"And they showed me the way . . . to become one of them.† The water gurgling into the box behind Langdon’s head felt warm . . . body temperature. The fluid was already several inches deep and had completely swallowed the back of his naked body. As it began creeping up his rib cage, Langdon felt a stark reality closing in fast. I’m going to die. With renewed panic, he raised his arms and began pounding wildly again. CHAPTER 101 â€Å"You’ve got to let him out!† Katherine begged, crying now. â€Å"We’ll do whatever you want!† She could hear Langdon pounding more frantically as the water flowed into his container. The tattooed man just smiled. â€Å"You’re easier than your brother. The things I had to do to get Peter to tell me his secrets . . .† â€Å"Where is he?!† she demanded. â€Å"Where is Peter?! Tell me! We did exactly what you wanted! We solved the pyramid and–â€Å" â€Å"No, you did not solve the pyramid. You played a game. You withheld information and brought a government agent to my home. Hardly behavior I intend to reward.† â€Å"We didn’t have a choice,† she replied, choking back the tears. â€Å"The CIA is looking for you. They made us travel with an agent. I’ll tell you everything. Just let Robert out!† Katherine could hear Langdon shouting and pounding in the crate, and she could see the water flowing through the pipe. She knew he didn’t have a lot of time. In front of her, the tattooed man spoke calmly, stroking his chin. â€Å"I assume there are agents waiting for me at Franklin Square?† Katherine said nothing, and the man placed his massive palms on her shoulders, slowly pulling her forward. With her arms still wire-bound be hind the chair back, her shoulders strained, burning with pain, threatening to dislocate. â€Å"Yes!† Katherine said. â€Å"There are agents at Franklin Square!† He pulled harder. â€Å"What is the address on the capstone?† The pain in her wrists and shoulders grew unbearable, but Katherine said nothing. â€Å"You can tell me now, Katherine, or I’ll break your arms and ask you again.† â€Å"Eight!† she gasped in pain. â€Å"The missing number is eight! The capstone says: `The secret hides within The Order–Eight Franklin Square!’ I swear it. I don’t know what else to tell you! It’s Eight Franklin Square!† The man still did not release her shoulders. â€Å"That’s all I know!† Katherine said. â€Å"That’s the address! Let go of me! Let Robert out of that tank!† â€Å"I would . . .† the man said, â€Å"but there’s one problem. I can’t go to Eight Franklin Square without being caught. Tell me, what’s at that address?† â€Å"I don’t know!† â€Å"And the symbols on the base of the pyramid? On the underside? Do you know their meaning?† â€Å"What symbols on the base?† Katherine had no idea what he was talking about. â€Å"The bottom has no symbols. It’s smooth, blank stone!† Apparently immune to the muffled cries for help emanating from the coffinlike crate, the tattooed man calmly padded over to Langdon’s day-bag and retrieved the stone pyramid. Then he returned to Katherine and held it up before her eyes so she could see the base. When Katherine saw the engraved symbols, she gasped in bewilderment. But . . . that’s impossible! The bottom of the pyramid was entirely covered with intricate carvings. There was nothing there before! I’m sure of it! She had no idea what these symbols could possibly mean. They seemed to span every mystical tradition, including many she could not even place. Total chaos. â€Å"I . . . have no idea what this means,† she said. â€Å"Nor do I,† her captor said. â€Å"Fortunately, we have a specialist at our disposal.† He glanced at the crate. â€Å"Let’s ask him, shall we?† He carried the pyramid toward the crate. For a brief instant of hope, Katherine thought he was going to unclasp the lid. Instead, he sat calmly on top of the box, reached down, and slid a small panel to one side, revealing a Plexiglas window in the top of the tank. Light! Langdon covered his eyes, squinting into the ray of light that now streamed in from above. As his eyes adjusted, hope turned to confusion. He was looking up through what appeared to be a window in the top of his crate. Through the window, he saw a white ceiling and a fluorescent light. Without warning, the tattooed face appeared above him, peering down. â€Å"Where is Katherine?!† Langdon shouted. â€Å"Let me out!† The man smiled. â€Å"Your friend Katherine is here with me,† the man said. â€Å"I have the power to spare her life. Your life as well. But your time is short, so I suggest you listen carefully.† Langdon could barely hear him through the glass, and the water had risen higher, creeping across his chest. â€Å"Are you aware,† the man asked, â€Å"that there are symbols on the base of the pyramid?† â€Å"Yes!† Langdon shouted, having seen the extensive array of symbols when the pyramid had lain on the floor upstairs. â€Å"But I have no idea what they mean! You need to go to Eight Franklin Square! The answer is there! That’s what the capstone–â€Å" â€Å"Professor, you and I both know the CIA is waiting for me there. I have no intention of walking into a trap. Besides, I didn’t need the street number. There is only one building on that square that could possibly be relevant–the Almas Shrine Temple.† He paused, staring down at Langdon. â€Å"The Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.† Langdon was confused. He was familiar with the Almas Temple, but he had forgotten it was on Franklin Square. The Shriners are . . . â€Å"The Order†? Their temple sits atop a secret staircase? It made no historical sense whatsoever, but Langdon was in no position at the moment to debate history. â€Å"Yes!† he shouted. â€Å"That must be it! The secret hides within The Order!† â€Å"You’re familiar with the building?† â€Å"Absolutely!† Langdon raised his throbbing head to keep his ears above the quickly rising liquid. â€Å"I can help you! Let me out!† â€Å"So you believe you can tell me what this temple has to do with the symbols on the base of the pyramid?† â€Å"Yes! Let me just look at the symbols!† â€Å"Very well, then. Let’s see what you come up with.† Hurry! With the warm liquid rising around him, Langdon pushed up on the lid, willing the man to unclasp it. Please! Hurry! But the lid never opened. Instead, the base of the pyramid suddenly appeared, hovering above the Plexiglas window. Langdon stared up in panic. â€Å"I trust this view is close enough for you?†The man held the pyramid in his tattooed hands. â€Å"Think fast, Professor. I’m guessing you have less than sixty seconds.† How to cite The Lost Symbol Chapter 98-101, Essay examples

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Urban poverty Essay Example For Students

Urban poverty Essay Outline1 Urban Poverty2 I. Introduction3 II. Methodology4 III. Discussion5 1. Causes of poorness6 1.1 Population7 1.2 Employment8 1.3 The societal base installing and societal service9 2. Effectss of poorness10 2.1 Personal11 2.2 Social12 2.3 Condemnable13 3. Solutions to poverty14 3.1 Government15 3.2 Social Urban Poverty I. Introduction Historically, poorness belonged to rural countries, but nowadays it is the same in mega metropoliss and it is estimated that a one-fourth of the universe s urban population is presently populating in a poorness state of affairs ( Perlman, 1998 ) . In last several old ages, by the population growing detonation and more and more people choose to populating from countryside to metropolis, this phenomenon was going more and more serious. At same clip, it made societal jobs stand out. Intensifying of urban poorness has going an insecure factor in societal and economic. The new jobs mix with old jobs lead to a assortment of complex societal effects. In this study will show the jobs which urban poorness, and seek to happen the solutions to work out it. The ground for urban poorness is complicated, such as population, employment and societal service. This study will province as follow. II. Methodology III. Discussion 1. Causes of poorness 1.1 Population Since the twentieth century 50years, along with the accelerated procedure of urbanisation and urban population denseness increased, the population of universe from 30 % to approximately 50 % now, is attack to 60 % by 2030. Because of this, the urban hapless and slums have become progressively outstanding. Today s megacities are making the bounds of their carrying capacity to prolong human life, as urbanites progressively face deficiency of entree to safe H2O and sanitation, unequal waste direction, hapless drainage, air pollution, inordinate noise degrees, and uneffective and unequal service proviso ( Perlman, J. , Hopkins, E. A ; Perez, R. 2008 ) . 1.2 Employment It is means that people who populating in the urban poorness, it will easy missing to employment. Harmonizing to Perlman ( 1998 ) said that adult females who is worked in poorness countries is overstrain, without the safety belongings. What is more, less working chances contribute to low-income family fighting for endurance ( Baker and Schuler, 1997 ) , and hence, the spread between rich and hapless is widening ( Perlman, 1998 ) . 1.3 The societal base installing and societal service Due to the jobs of urban poorness is more earnestly, it is consequence the societal base installing and societal service. Harmonizing to the research from Practical Action ( 2008 ) , there are 2.2billion people around universe scarceness entree to proper sanitation, the cloacas are created by rubbish and human laxations, and more than 420 million bash non hold entree to the simplest latrines ( Perlman, 1998 ) and deficiency of solid waste disposal services ( Masika, 1997 ) . On the other manus, they lack of entree to community services and low-income communities have no control over new installations ( Perlman, 1998 ) . 2. Effectss of poorness 2.1 Personal First, due to the urban hapless and their households, the world of poorness has a certain grade of harm on their wellness, instruction, employment, lodging, household life and other facets. In the commercial metropolis, hapless people have low buying power. It is non merely taking urban hapless to troubles on their material life, but besides declining them to hold equal entree to urban instruction, wellness attention and other services. The urban hapless in these countries will dawdle behind their civilization and physiological quality than the non-poor, therefore indirectly taking to worsen in their societal category position, so that their kids may still confront the quandary of poorness. .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 , .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .postImageUrl , .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 , .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255:hover , .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255:visited , .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255:active { border:0!important; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255:active , .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255 .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uf1aa0292084d10963708a37a37546255:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The Mayans Argumentative Essay2.2 Social When the state of affairs of urban poorness become aggravate and regulations break down, as Power, A. and Houghton, j. said â€Å"defensive anti- societal behaviour takes root, people carry knives, immature people from packs, people dump their majority trash where it has already accumulated and foreigners abandon autos in creaky streets where mulcts are non enforced† . 2.3 Condemnable Civil Unrest in the Gallic is a typical illustration. Every state has nonsubjective issue of Urban affluent polarisation, developed states are no exclusion. The poorness and The involvements of the division lead to societal struggle, the Gallic phenomenon of urban poorness and societal struggle have some representation. In November 2007, the Gallic railroad work stoppage broke out in sequence and societal agitation. However, in the suburbs of Paris in 2005, two male childs were by chance dead, had a similar eruption of agitation. The public violences in 2005 and 2007, most people in group were populating in hapless conditions, unemployment and poverty population. The content of the public presentation reflected were migration, unemployment, and poorness. It was widening spread between rich and the hapless led to the split of the deep societal contradictions, reflecting the rich-poor divide is existent bitterness. 3. Solutions to poverty 3.1 Government The authorities has responsibility to concern about the poorness job, to take highly care about their kids to school, and basic wellness. Make certain urban hapless can acquire particular monetary value about urban H2O, electricity, gas monetary value and so on, so that their life status do non deteriorate. And the authorities is have to plan a income mechanism to extenuate distribution spread, such as commanding revenue enhancements and societal public assistance system to do the strong gross transportation to the weak. 3.2 Social Fairness in economic activities there are two constructs, one is income every bit, all participants in economic activities more consistent gross ; 2nd is a just opportunity, that average economic agents have a just competition and just chance to take part. Income may be unjust, but everyone should hold the right to vie reasonably.

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Pros Of Green Revolution Essays - Agronomy, Humanitarian Aid

Pros of Green Revolution Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter! Pros of Green Revolution With the rapid growth of our global population pouring into the next millennium, we will witness an ever-growing hunger rate around the world. That is unless we call for a revolution on the global scale. The Green Revolution which already sprouted in the early part of the century only need to add a bit more momentum and we will see a bright future for the human race, a future without hunger and starvation V hopefully. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the planet to support its overwhelming population. And since the amount of arable land available is becoming scarce, we must seek ways to dramatically improve crop yields of existing cropland. By implementing new farming techniques provided with the new technological advances in machines we can see abundant harvest in even the poorest third world countries. For example, the Green Revolution has already showed admirable progress in the northern part of India ever since it took start in 1950. By 1997, northern India increased its grain production by 37 percent. This has proven that traditional farming methods are being rendered obsolete. And because by the year 2000, there will be half the land per person in developing countries as there was in 1970, we need to apply ultra-efficient methods to sustain the growing need. Not only does the Green Revolution enhances food output, it also preserves the environment. Traditional agriculture requires massive forest and grassland removal to obtain land necessary to farm on. Deforestation and overgrazing has caused erosion flooding, and enabled the expansion of deserts. But with drainage systems, leveling, and irrigation provided by the Green Rev, all this terra deforming will unlikely happen again. We can retain clean air and lessen the global warming effect caused by deforestation. Many people argue that a revamp in agriculture will be way too expensive and unrealistic especially for those poor farmers in third world countries. However many times, they exaggerate the price. In reality, farmers who take the first step in the revolution will most likely succeed and will have more money to invest in further development such as irrigation systems and wells and machineries. And since poverty is caused by low productivity of food which results in over expensive food prices, we can eliminate this problem by raising crop yields. We don't have much time and room to speculate on this issue. The turn of the century is approaching quickly and so is overpopulation. What we should be speculating on is how the development process proceeds not should it proceed. The Industrial Revolution altered the world one step ahead. The Green Revolution will take the next.

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Free Essays on Stocks

During this stock project I have learned a lot of strategies on how to buy stocks and what stocks is. When I first started the stock game, I really didn't know what I was doing and which companies to buy. Therefore, I just pick the companies that have the best dividend and did well in the past. Also I picked the companies that I've heard of and familiar with. But now after taking the business class and playing the stocks game I know what stocks is good to buy and what is not good to buy. Through out the game I think I have sold about 10 stocks at a lower price. The first day of class when you told us that we have to play the stocks game, I didn't want to play it at all. Because it seem like it is really boring. As I kept on playing the game, I got very hooked on the game. It was fun and exciting both at the same time. The second week into the game, I remember every time whenever I get home at 10:45 I would run to my room really quick and turn on the computer and was looking at my stocks to see if it's going up or down. Also every couple of seconds I would keep on clicking the refresh button to see if my stocks is going up and down, and every time my stocks is going up I would be very happy and if it's not going up I would be sad. As I keep playing the game my knowledge of stocks has progress. Before I buy any stocks I would look up the status of how the stocks is doing right now and how it has been doing in the past couple of months. The places that I looked up for my stocks were mainly Yahoo and Bloomberg, sometime I would also watch channel 128, which is the Bloomberg channel. This is the channel that has stocks information and update twenty-four seven. When I look up for what stocks to buy, first I looked up how low the stocks has been going down and if it went down a lot then I would buy it because I figure out that if the stock has been going down for the past couple of days or months then and it has to go back up anytime dur... Free Essays on Stocks Free Essays on Stocks You buy or trade stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Perhaps you invest in a 401(k) plan. Did you know you may be using a form of options as part of your everyday life? Do you pay a premium every quarter for house, auto, and medical insurance? You have purchased insurance as a safeguard against a fire in your home, a crash in your car, or large medical bills. Some investors use options on stocks or cash indexes to protect and insure the value of their portfolios. A major advantage of options is their versatility. They can be as conservative or as speculative as your investing strategy dictates. Options enable you to tailor your position to your own set of circumstances. Consider the following benefits of options:  · You can protect stock holdings from a decline in market price  · You can increase income against current stock holding  · You can prepare to buy a stock at a lower price  · You can position yourself for a big market move even when you don' t know which way prices will move  · You can benefit from a stock price rise without incurring the cost of buying the stock outright There are many strategy discussions for the new investor. The most basic are buying calls and buying puts. You can take a look at the prices which are known as the options premium. You have the bid and ask prices. You take that price and multiply it by $100 to get the total premium amount of the options. You can also see the amount of options that have traded throughout the day. Open Interest is also given and represents the total open contracts in a particular option series. You may want to begin slowly with options and an effective way to do that is to create a simulated option position. This valuable educational tool gives you a detailed overview of options and charts many of the strategies that you may be interested in pursuing. HOW OPTIONS WORK Much like stocks, options can be used to take a position on the market in an effort to capita... Free Essays on Stocks During this stock project I have learned a lot of strategies on how to buy stocks and what stocks is. When I first started the stock game, I really didn't know what I was doing and which companies to buy. Therefore, I just pick the companies that have the best dividend and did well in the past. Also I picked the companies that I've heard of and familiar with. But now after taking the business class and playing the stocks game I know what stocks is good to buy and what is not good to buy. Through out the game I think I have sold about 10 stocks at a lower price. The first day of class when you told us that we have to play the stocks game, I didn't want to play it at all. Because it seem like it is really boring. As I kept on playing the game, I got very hooked on the game. It was fun and exciting both at the same time. The second week into the game, I remember every time whenever I get home at 10:45 I would run to my room really quick and turn on the computer and was looking at my stocks to see if it's going up or down. Also every couple of seconds I would keep on clicking the refresh button to see if my stocks is going up and down, and every time my stocks is going up I would be very happy and if it's not going up I would be sad. As I keep playing the game my knowledge of stocks has progress. Before I buy any stocks I would look up the status of how the stocks is doing right now and how it has been doing in the past couple of months. The places that I looked up for my stocks were mainly Yahoo and Bloomberg, sometime I would also watch channel 128, which is the Bloomberg channel. This is the channel that has stocks information and update twenty-four seven. When I look up for what stocks to buy, first I looked up how low the stocks has been going down and if it went down a lot then I would buy it because I figure out that if the stock has been going down for the past couple of days or months then and it has to go back up anytime dur...

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Advertising,Sales and Promotion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Advertising,Sales and Promotion - Assignment Example e border and the Welsh Development Agency says this will ensure businesses will benefit from some of the billions it costs to stage the event.A spokesman for the London Olympic bid said that facilities including Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, the National Velodrome in Newport and the National Pool in Swansea would be ideal bases for athletes to acclimatize ahead of the games.Many small businesses, especially micro businesses of fewer than five employees, and new businesses struggling to start and to grow, did not always know a lot about what IT could do for them or how to use it to best effect.The programme is in three sections. One is about emails, scanning documents and using email rather than fax. Ecommerce is about doing more business using a website, for example enabling billing and payment to be done online. Those who don't have websites can be shown how to set them up."Initial estimates suggest the Games will attract additional spending by visitors of 187 million in London. A L ondon Games will require a workforce of 67,000 and approximately 3,500 "job years" would be created during the event itself"1. There is no doubt that the staging of the Olympic Games in London in 2012 will lead to a major capital programme as well as